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To ensure safety and brilliant services with having all mutual trust, the followings are terms of a legal agreement between you and GlobalteksolT.

By using, accessing and browsing the website of GlobalteksolT or any of its subsidiaries, you are bound to comply with all the mutual terms and conditions, otherwise said as terms of use, as prepared between you and GlobalteksolT . In doing so, you have acknowledged that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by all the applicable regulations and laws, which include exporting and re-exporting of control regulations and laws. If anyone finds these terms to be not matching with their needs, please do not go further into this Website or any of its subsidiaries.

GlobalteksolT possesses the sole right to alter and modify any of these terms and conditions (invariably Terms of Use) and any of the information found in the website without noticing anybody including you also. GlobalteksolT may also improve and/or alter in the nature, quality and quantity of programs, services, or products detailed in this website without any formal or informal notice.

For General Information:

The website of GlobalteksolT contains all proprietary rights and copyright details and notices and reservation binding any users or all of our clients or customers being tendered our services by our company's guidelines and sole discretion and they are to be followed and observed all the terms and conditions of the company GlobalteksolT and relating to their usage.

This website and any or all content of this site must not be republished, reproduced, uploaded, posted, circulated, copied, transmitted, or used for any purposes, both charitable and commercial, or for any purpose of derivative works unless having prior written approval of GlobalteksolT . Be aware of the fact that GlobalteksolT reserves the decision of letting anyone use non-transferrable, non-exclusive details, has limited consent to access and/or display any Web Pages within the website of GlobalteksolT for any personal or commercial or other purposes or even displaying of them on the monitor screen of any personal computer.

The terms of use of GlobalteksolT is conditioned that no one is permitted to modify any content/s of the website. Contents of this website include all and everything visible around the website- across all of its web pages, as well as the types of hyper-linking. Users, clients and customers and even our employees are barred from altering and modifying the content/s of the website GlobalteksolT without the prior and formal written consent of our company's authority.

Anyone using our website is bound legally to keep integral all trademark, all proprietary notices, and copyrights notices, and recognition of any terms and conditions together with the contents of the website. Despite the prior terms and conditions, any materials and software which are evidently offered for downloading, accessing or using for other purposes from this website of GlobalteksolT with their own license notices, terms, and conditions should always be deemed to be managed by such notices, terms, and conditions.

Anyone fails to fulfill the terms and conditions and all other notices of the website of GlobalteksolT will stand to lose all the contracts and get all rights approved to him or her or to a company as a whole terminated automatically and immediately. We reserve all rights in this regard unless anyone found using any contents of GlobalteksolT contradicting the Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use or without prior notifications. GlobalteksolT does never allow anyone- users or customers or clients- to use any contents of the site under any guise of expression or indirect rights or license under any trademarks, patents, trademarks, proprietary or copyrights, or intellectual property rights. No one is allowed to use mirror content of our site GlobalteksolT and use them on any web page/s of any other website/s. Failure to abide by such rules will usher in legal prosecution.

All information and contents of this website GlobalteksolT may not be correct, accurate, complete, and comprehensive, and may also contain typographical errors or technical inaccuracies. GlobalteksolT does not take up any responsibility, rather specifically disclaims responsibility, of updating the website contents anytime or time to time to keep the site content current, accurate and comprehensive.

GlobalteksolT does not undertake any responsibility of addressing any problems related with the website, which might have been drawn to notice of GlobalteksolT by anyone- users, clients or customers. GlobalteksolT does not guarantee also to address the problems at anyone's instance and reserves the right of any problem resolution regarding the website or its contents, so it can do it or discard it forever.


GlobalteksolT does not encourage or request anyone to send any confidential information through our website. At this point, all of our users or clients or customers need to be aware of the fact that any material or information sent to GlobalteksolT will NOT be deemed to be confidential and sensitive. Sending GlobalteksolT any material or information, you are indeed granting GlobalteksolT an open and unrestricted and irreversible or final license to reproduce, copy, publish, post, reproduce, transport, distribute, advertise, perform, alter, modify and make derivative works from and, if not, freely and openly use, all those information and/or materials. By sending any information and/or materials to GlobalteksolT, you are giving GlobalteksolT a free license to use any concepts, ideas, methods, know-how, and techniques which you have sent to GlobalteksolT for any purpose/s. At the same time, we are committed NEVER to use or advertise your name submitted along with the information or materials to GlobalteksolT unless *(i) GlobalteksolT obtains your due consent to use the name, or *(ii) GlobalteksolT notifies you prior to advertisement of your name containing in your sent information or materials to GlobalteksolT, or *(iii) GlobalteksolT is necessary to do so by law.

Be sure that GlobalteksolT will always keep all personal-identifiable information or materials submitted to GlobalteksolT as complete Private or Confidential. GlobalteksolT will always abide by the Privacy Policies as detailed. See the Privacy Policy sheet.

International Availability:

Contents across GlobalteksolT website or published on the World Wide Web may have references and/or cross-references or may be found being similar to some places of another sites or any sites of GlobalteksolT subsidiaries, products, programs or services, and they may not be available in some parts of the globe or a country. This might have INADVERTENTLY happened. For getting full view of GlobalteksolT you may contact GlobalteksolT also via Contac Us. GlobalteksolT is ready to serve up to your expectations.

Business Service:

GlobalteksolT reserves the right to provide references or links to any third-party websites or resources. GlobalteksolT makes no warranties, representations, and commitments whatsoever regarding any activities of those third-party websites and their uses with those links or references. GlobalteksolT can never be made liable or responsible for the third-party activities with links or references, or will never enter into any wrongdoing activity of them. GlobalteksolT will not let misuse any links or references, service information, contents, products, or other materials knowingly, and at the same time will not be liable for any misuse of them by any third-party, even if that third-party may be from GlobalteksolT or from its subsidiaries.

Limited License:

GlobalteksolT reserves all rights regarding software and materials downloading from our website. This can be done purely for non-commercial purposes. GlobalteksolT authorizes the users to use our software and materials only for non-commercial purposes and bar them to use those with us which have copyright and proprietary notices in the same form and manner as on the original web pages of our site.

External Links:

GlobalteksolT might have used some third-party materials available with some other websites. Those third-party materials may be reliable, but at the same time GlobalteksolT does not give assurance about them to be all accurate. GlobalteksolT will not be responsible for any such materials of those websites.

Privacy Commitment:

GlobalteksolT is committed to show its utmost regards for privacy of all its users or clients or customers. GlobalteksolT has its own ethical and committed charter of Privacy Policy disclosing its ideas, aims and work code of conduct or ethics. You can read our Privacy Policy


GlobalteksolT will not be accountable for any damages, or virus infections suffered by the users or clients or customers, and thereby damaging any operations directly or indirectly, incidentally or exceptionally, consequentially or typically. In the same way, GlobalteksolT will not be liable for any damages or loss of data, information, programs at the time of using this website. Users of GlobalteksolT can do this at their own risk.

GlobalteksolT reserves all the rights of modifying, adding or deleting any part or the whole part of the Terms of Use (otherwise said Terms and Conditions) of this website anytime or at times when and where it thinks it to be appropriate. This right can be enjoyed by GlobalteksolT at its distinct judgment, and therefore, all the users or clients or customers are requested to check time to time or anytime before using this website.

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