Privacy Policy (Globalteksol)

GlobalteksolT has all respect for our users, customers or clients. GlobalteksolT ensures them to abide by all privacy norms and guidelines mentioned below for the sake of business benefits of our respected customers, clients or users and of us. GlobalteksolT is committed to respect and protect the privacy of our users, customers, or clients during all times of our dealings and beyond.

. Our professionals at GlobalteksolT are engaged in constantly providing world-class services to all of our venerable clients, customers or users. This web document containing details of our Privacy Policy outlines the primary information as to how we handle the records which we gather during the times you visit our site. Generally, anyone can visit our website anytime and they don't have to provide us with their personal information. But, there are occasions when we request them to provide their personal details in terms of name, email id, address, company name, contact numbers, etc. Any information that they entrust with us during having interaction with us are kept in utmost confidentiality.

. The web server of GlobalteksolT tracks and logs the IP address or domain name of the host while anyone visiting our website. This is performed with no other ulterior intentions than monitoring and analyzing trends and statistics about our website. In doing so, we come to know how we can provide you with better services and how we can improve our deliveries to our venerable users, or clients, or customers.

. Cookies are placed on the system of the users at the time of visiting a website by the concerned website system. It is done to identify the purpose of visit. We at GlobalteksolT also do so, namely we also place cookies to come to know of the visit purpose. However, our respected visitors have all rights to enable or disable the performance of cookies which one is prompted on their browser while visiting ours.

. Our site GlobalteksolT has links with other sites that may be our partners and affiliates. But, we at GlobalteksolT do not undertake any liability of their privacy policy.

. We at GlobalteksolT vows NEVER to make available, rent, or sell the names and other vital and sensitive information of our clients, customers or users, to any outsiders, at any cost and at any time. We guarantee to keep up strict discretion of any client information while dealing with other clients too. However, in the wake of any legal proceedings, dealings, court investigations, we at GlobalteksolT will only adhere to the Indian Laws as applicable.

. While merging our business with any of our users, clients, or customers like you, we may require sharing information with you and vice versa. We do that.

. GlobalteksolT reserves all its rights about modifying, changing the whole of the Privacy Policy, or deleting a part, some parts, or the whole part of its Privacy Policy, at any time and at its sole discretion. It will be better to go through the whole document of its Privacy Policy periodically or before going to make a deal with it.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any doubts, questions or issues regarding our Privacy Policy.

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