Media Content Distribution

In the digital age, users discover new ways to experience and share digital content, demanding more flexible, simple and comprehensive services and interfaces from Information, Media and Entertainment businesses.

At Globalteksol, we help media, entertainment, and information service companies increase the return on content by giving them rich media content management and distribution instruments.

What we do

We understand the emerging interests, preferences and behavior of media producers and consumers and help sync your business model with them by means of technology. Our expert team supports the entire content distribution value chain. We help acquire, aggregate, enhance, enable, manage, deliver and promote digital content across various platforms.

The additional Globalteksol's advantage is that while focusing on web distribution we at the same time provide extended options for building comprehensive media content delivery solutions and networks.

We offer expertise in building online media content storages and digital asset management systems. The media content repositories can be accessed via web browsers, mobile applications, media distribution networks and various playback devices.

. Content digitization, encoding and encryption
. Electronic signing
. Content, components and metadata management
. Comprehensive full-text and meta-data search and retrieval
. Content conversion and repurposing
. ETL solutions

Facing the Challenges of Digital Era

Digital rights control and management

Globalteksol helps in building e-rights control solutions that help monitor, investigate and resolve digital rights violations to mitigate your intellectual property risks. We also help content providers set and manage permissions to make media content access and distribution transparent and adjustable while ensuring due IP protection.

Web 2.0 and social networking

Globalteksol is expert in building cutting-edge social and collaboration web 2.0 solutions, including those allowing users to upload, create, share and sell all types of digital content such as video, audio, documents, images, and even software in an easy, convenient and secure environment. Upon necessity we can integrate social networking features into the CMS, adding the "viral" perspective that boosts content exchange

Advertisement management

We deliver ad management solutions to help create, manage, rotate, bill, track and monitor advertisements across your Internet resources and third party networks. We create flexible tools that allow dynamic ad placement, delivering discreet, personalized, and timely ads to the refined and predictable target audience.

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