FAQ About Globalteksol

1) What are the benefits of outsourcing?

The main aim and benefit of outsourcing is value increase for your company. This is achieved through higher business process level, considerable cost reduction and shorter project delivery time.

2) How to start with Globalteksol?

We worked out a simple start procedure to make it easier for you to begin working with Globalteksol. Just contact us and give your project an immediate and successful start!

3) What is a dedicated development team?

Every project is unique. A dedicated team is the best choice to carefully deal with your special requirements and features specified by your business needs, end-users and personal preferences. Outsourcing your project to an Offshore Development Team is delegating it to experts in the area, who have established schemes for effective software development. The flexibility in managing and staffing an ODT guarantees high ROI and top-quality results.

4) How can you guarantee my software security and privacy?

Before starting the development process, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Confidentiality Agreement with our clients. Thus, no reference information is given without your consent. We keep all project information strictly confidential.
Our relationships with employees are based on confidential agreements and laws that protect confidentiality of any information provided by our clients. See our Privacy Policy section or contact our manager for more details.

5) How can I benefit from Globalteksol Partnership program?

Globalteksol offers a range of partnership schemes you can participate in. We create various opportunities for our partners - business development, product line diversification, costs reduction etc.

6) What services does Globalteksol provide?

Globalteksol provides a wide range of design and development services including:

. Web, Graphic, Multimedia Design
. CD Presentations
. Logo, Brochure Design
. Internet/Intranet application development and E-commerce solutions
. Software Testing
. Information Technology and Internet research and consulting
. Website Maintenance
. Customize Shopping carts according to the client's business model
. Web Promotion
. Data entry and conversion

7) What, besides cost, is the difference between developing locally and doing it offshore?

The main difference is electronic communication. If you are friendly with Internet and e-mail, then you will definitely benefit working with us. We have special techniques and tools to support remote development including our own FTP and WWW sites.

8) What programming experience does Globalteksol have?

We can provide Design and Development Solutions to enhance your business. Our design department is making not only the user interface of the software and documentation of a superior looking, but, primarily, provides a full range of web design, graphics and multimedia development services e.g. corporate presentations, Flash Animations, Flash sites, e-learning Modules, logos, brochures etc. We can provide Web Development for Windows and Linux platforms using Flash Actionscript PHP/MySql, ASP, ASP.Net, Java. We have developed systems which use Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Access databases, sometimes all of them simultaneously via ODBC.

9) How can I be assured of high quality, reliable work?

Through our Development Process, which is aimed at quality and only quality. We even provide Software Testing services for other software development organizations. Also, you will have all preliminary versions of the software installed at your location for internal testing, verification and acceptance.

10) Do you provide sustained support after project completion?

We believe in retaining enduring relationship with our clients. We know if we succeed in doing so, we will be again approached with new projects or get projects through referrals. Moreover, at the time of undertaking a development assignment from any of our clients, we commit to remain by them all along at least through a year.

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